About Us

Fartek is a subsidiary established company with expertise in the field of non-ceramic and innovative products for all industries. All our divisions achieve performance along the whole value solutions supplied to customers, and have recognized expertise in consultancy and marketing sectors of these advanced products in Vietnam market

We generate, develop, and launch products into the potential market with the high-technology materials to meet customers’ needs. Our leading products are available to be distributed in terms of the highest quality which helps customers to increase productivity and make the added value of their finished goods

The value chain from raw materials or ready-to-use components is delivered to customers who achieve a range of added-value in technology. To be customers’ partner, we focus on making investment of product knowledge, application and consultancy ability – from the stages of site analysis to sample demo as well as sales and after-sales service processes

Professional and dedicated team who is trained and experienced by deep market knowledge meets the requirements of our customers. Our strategy is to centralize into the segmentation in order to best serve our different markets. Basing on this, we have a good customer database and build the relationship with them for the purpose of providing them with the optimized solutions to grow their business and get profitability


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